Sharif Joynson

For the last 12 years, I've been preparing good people for bad situations.

Within a few sessions, I can install in your nervous system a set of automatic default responses that will allow you to fight your way out of a violent attack without having to 'know' a bunch of techniques. 

You belong to a species that is the apex predator on this planet. Your DNA is that of the cunning, resilient and - let's face it - violent individuals who got us to the top of the food chain. So why don't you feel that way? Why do you instead feel unprepared to face hostility? The answer: personal and social conditioning and a self-denial of certain instincts. The real question is how important is it for you to now become capable of protecting yourself and your loved ones?

For over 12 years, I have been preparing good people for bad situations; rewiring their nervous systems so that 'on the day' they can respond with physical skill and access the assertive psychological state that allowed our ancestors to survive 
and thrive.

My own journey in self-defence and martial arts spans over 25 years and has involved training with veterans in both the UK and Asia. I draw on my own experiences of having grown up in the roughest parts of North London and served with the British Army Reserves, to transform people from vulnerable to capable in the shortest time possible. I specialise in helping 'normal', every-day people who have been affected by violence - having used the martial arts to overcome my own trauma and as a means of self-discovery.

The violence and abuse I witnessed and experienced when I was younger has been the primary force that has shaped my life – and I’m not alone in this regard. What I did very early on is take charge of myself and my circumstances and have been using my experiences as a platform for positive transformation ever since. We can’t control what others do, but whether we are a ‘victim’ or not is a choice only we can make. I help people who want to make the positive choice.

I also hold qualifications in the below subjects, which reinforce my work:

- Counselling 
- Personal Training
- Anatomy & Physiology 

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