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Prior training not necessary. Location: North London. 

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OP.3 UNARMED COMBAT - Fundamentals

1200 - 1500
Euston, London

Perfect for beginners or if you're already one of the crew!


FEB 22ND 2020

In this workshop, we’ll be looking at the most 
high-percentage ways of dealing with what is 
easily one of the most dangerous situations you 
will face on the street - but unfortunately is becoming
increasingly common in London.

In this intensive, we cut right through the
MASSIVE amounts of bullshit that exists
in the self-defence world regarding knife
defence. Prepare to have your eyes opened
to the truth about this worst-case-scenario.

In this intensive session we will cover:

• How to spot when a knife is about to be deployed
• Understanding the difference between a knife threat and
knife attack – and when action is either required or actually a mistake 
• The most effective tactic against knife attacks (that goes so overlooked
due to its simplicity)
• The secondary defence against knife attacks (that is usually taught
mistakenly as the primary defence by most systems) 
• Tactical First Aid
• Knife attack video footage analysis
• Hands-on drills that will prove to you what works and what doesn't
• Understanding the knife from the attacker's perspective

Please note: this is a hands-on session that will be very
physical as well as informative. We will be training bare-foot in this studio.
Please bring water and something light to snack on during the short break
and have loose comfortable clothing to train in. 
If you have any injuries or illnesses please let us know at the time of booking.


APRIL 19th 2020

Most people are literally ‘wired’ to capitulate to sudden physical violence.  
Which is why street criminals have such a high success rate


  • Re-condition your nervous system in a safe and structured way to have an ‘instant positive reaction’ to sudden assault 
  • Explore and understand the biology and psychology behind this type of violence 
  • Learn super simple and effective techniques that you will not have to ‘remember’ in an emergency situation  
  • Responses that an attacker will not be prepared for 
  • Understand how this training actually prevents you being targeted by criminals in the first place 

Most people have an intuitive feeling that they wouldn’t know what to do in a violence situation.  
The mistake they make is seeking a solution by ‘learning techniques’ 
“If I only knew some simple self-defence techniques” 
While technical knowledge and skill is important, this is rendered useless if the NERVOUS SYSTEM is not properly conditioned to respond appropriately.  
The feeling of unease that people have isn’t because they don’t have the right knowledge, it’s because they don’t have the right ‘wiring’.  

The truth is that in when suffering from an acute stress response (‘fight or flight’), the thinking part of the brain near enough shuts down completely, leaving only your automatic and involuntary responses.  
Overriding these responses in the moment is next to impossible. 
The solution is to re-condition the nervous system’s responses beforehand. 

I learned this the hard way, through finding myself in a situation that I was completely unprepared for despite several years of traditional martial arts training at the time.  
I now use simple but profound methods of re-conditioning to take my students from vulnerable to capable in the shortest time possible.   


  • Exploring and understanding the ‘OODA Loop’ 
  • The science psychology behind how victims are selected by street criminals 
  • How to turn the tables in a sudden violent assault
  • Concepts that are actually tactically identical to standard military counter-ambush tactics   



Most assaults take place immediately following a verbal exchange - a moment where the attacker is encroaching on your personal space in order to get close enough to attack you.

THIS is when knowing how to position yourself, physically, mentally and tactically will determine how the rest of the situation goes...

Learn to end situations BEFORE they become physical against you. In this intensive we look at dealing with face-to-face confrontations in the following ways:

- Simple, Applicable, Devastatingly Effective Defensive Techniques
- Distance Control and Maintaining Personal Space
- Reading Intent
- Covert attack set-ups
- The Law regarding self-defence
- Knowing when to 'go'
- The most overlooked and under-taught aspect of this type of self-defence...
controlling your own mindset.

We will also be analysing video footage of real-life assaults to learn to recognise attack patterns.


Dates: 9th February, 22nd March, 17th May 2020

One-to-one private training with Sharif - £90 per hour (+ £10 per extra person per hour, for groups of up to four people)

Training is also now also available via the ONLINE SCHOOL