Regular group classes no longer take place, due my schedule. 
I now hold intensive training sessions throughout the year.
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Prior training not necessary. Location: North London. 

Info on Private Intensive Training at the bottom of this page. 

OP.3 UNARMED COMBAT - Fundamentals

1200 - 1500
Euston, London

Perfect for beginners or if you're already one of the crew!

OP.3 UNARMED COMBAT - Fundamentals 

MARCH 23RD 2019
1100 - 1400
Euston, London

The Power of "No" 

I used to laugh at videos of self-defence classes
where you'd see a bunch of people (often a women's
only class) where they'd have their hands up shouting
"No!" or "Stop!" and then would wail manically on some
pads or a man in a padded suit.

And, OK, I still might have a giggle. 

But back then, esp when I was super proud of how
tough and macho my training was, I didn't understand
or appreciate the power of 'no'. 

So, it turns out, after teaching this stuff for over 10 years
and practising it myself for way over 20 years, at the
heart of all this fighting business is a really basic and
particularly unsexy concept: boundaries. 

Learning to disarm knife- and gun-wielding attackers
is super cool. And chops to the throat and stuff. 👍

But the truth is, if deep within you, due to any number
of reasons (social conditioning, childhood experiences
etc), you haven't REALLY given yourself permission
to exercise a "No", then none of that stuff will manifest
"on the day". 

Trust me.

This is why you can learn to hit hard and fast really 
quickly. Hard enough to put a man to sleep instantly.
But when you have someone confront you
verbally on the street, you feel completely out of your

I'd be turning blokes into ninjas all day (physically). 
Then they'd go home to a girlfriend they were scared
to be honest with, or go to a job where they got 
nervous every time the boss was around. 

And I was exactly the same. 

If you want to be a REAL bad ass, you have to 
be capable not just physically but... yes... 

In this next session, we'll be developing both. 

It'll be a full-on sweaty session as always, but with 
some little adjustments on what we're focusing on
within ourselves while doing it. 

See you there, tough guy (or girl) 😉


MAY 3RD - 5TH 2019



One-to-one private training with Sharif - £90 per hour (+ £10 per extra person per hour, for groups of up to four people)

Training is also now also available via the ONLINE SCHOOL