Regular group classes no longer take place, due my schedule. 
I now hold intensive training sessions throughout the year.
See below for details.

Prior training not necessary. Location: North London. 

Info on Private Intensive Training at the bottom of this page. 

OP.3 UNARMED COMBAT - Fundamentals

1200 - 1500
Euston, London

Perfect for beginners or if you're already one of the crew!

OP.3 UNARMED COMBAT - Fundamentals 

MARCH 23RD 2019
1100 - 1400
Euston, London

The Power of "No" 

I used to laugh at videos of self-defence classes
where you'd see a bunch of people (often a women's
only class) where they'd have their hands up shouting
"No!" or "Stop!" and then would wail manically on some
pads or a man in a padded suit.

And, OK, I still might have a giggle. 

But back then, esp when I was super proud of how
tough and macho my training was, I didn't understand
or appreciate the power of 'no'. 

So, it turns out, after teaching this stuff for over 10 years
and practising it myself for way over 20 years, at the
heart of all this fighting business is a really basic and
particularly unsexy concept: boundaries. 

Learning to disarm knife- and gun-wielding attackers
is super cool. And chops to the throat and stuff. 👍

But the truth is, if deep within you, due to any number
of reasons (social conditioning, childhood experiences
etc), you haven't REALLY given yourself permission
to exercise a "No", then none of that stuff will manifest
"on the day". 

Trust me.

This is why you can learn to hit hard and fast really 
quickly. Hard enough to put a man to sleep instantly.
But when you have someone confront you
verbally on the street, you feel completely out of your

I'd be turning blokes into ninjas all day (physically). 
Then they'd go home to a girlfriend they were scared
to be honest with, or go to a job where they got 
nervous every time the boss was around. 

And I was exactly the same. 

If you want to be a REAL bad ass, you have to 
be capable not just physically but... yes... 

In this next session, we'll be developing both. 

It'll be a full-on sweaty session as always, but with 
some little adjustments on what we're focusing on
within ourselves while doing it. 

See you there, tough guy (or girl) 😉



In this workshop, we’ll be looking at the most 
high-percentage ways of dealing with what is 
easily one of the most dangerous situations you 
will face on the street - but unfortunately is becoming
increasingly common in London.

In this intensive, we cut right through the
MASSIVE amounts of bullshit that exists
in the self-defence world regarding knife
defence. Prepare to have your eyes opened
to the truth about this worst-case-scenario.

In this intensive session we will cover:

• How to spot when a knife is about to be deployed
• Understanding the difference between a knife threat and
knife attack – and when action is either required or actually a mistake 
• The most effective tactic against knife attacks (that goes so overlooked
due to its simplicity)
• The secondary defence against knife attacks (that is usually taught
mistakenly as the primary defence by most systems) 
• Tactical First Aid
• Knife attack video footage analysis
• Hands-on drills that will prove to you what works and what doesn't
• Understanding the knife from the attacker's perspective

Please note: this is a hands-on session that will be very
physical as well as informative. We will be training bare-foot in this studio.
Please bring water and something light to snack on during the short break
and have loose comfortable clothing to train in. 
If you have any injuries or illnesses please let us know at the time of booking.


MAY 3RD - 5TH 2019


AUG 10th 2019


It doesn’t need developing so much as revealing...

Given permission

A safe space to come out

Facilitated and guided

But it’s in there...

In you.




There is a part of you that terrifies the world and even yourself.

Try being more of that thing.

- Discover your teeth

- Grow-out your claws

- Find your voice

- Practice your ‘No’

- Learn real-world, vital self-defence skills & tactics

- Become capable and adaptable under pressure

- Replace the victim mindset with the warrior mindset

Despite belonging the apex predator species on this planet, most of us modern humans feel something a bit more like sheep; part of a big herd of other vulnerable beings, defenceless against the few ‘wolves’ that exist out there.

They feel that under the pressure of conflict – particularly physical violence – they will collapse. Or that any efforts they do make to fight back will be of no effect.

If this is similar to how you feel about your own ‘fighting’ capacities – it's not your fault.

The truth is that your DNA remembers a time when fighting was a daily reality... when being a dangerous creature was essential to its survival.

And it’s still in you.

You’ve just been encouraged (maybe even forced) to forget – to supress, repress and ignore it. Because that part of you doesn’t fit with the good boy or girl you were expected to be by your family, school, society itself.

Not only has this probably effected the way you show up in defending yourself, but likely in asserting your boundaries, using your ‘No’ and taking decisive action. As such, developing these internal ‘skills’ through this in-depth self-defence training is a system of self-development as well as ‘how to survive an attack’.

My own unique relationship with violence and abuse and my 27+ years in the martial arts has served as vehicle for my own personal growth and healing, and formed the foundation for what is now a systematic approach to helping people integrate their ‘shadow’.

Having taught hundreds of people over the past 11 years, including trauma survivors, this approach has been highly refined into an effective method of personal transformation as well as a highly workable and effective self-defence system designed to be used by ‘everyday’ people and not just martial arts athletes.

Tap into your inner caveman/cavewoman

Re-wire the nervous system to respond appropriately to threat


SEP 22nd 2019

At extreme close quarters, punches become almost useless and the heavier, stronger person almost always has the advantage.

Being pinned or bear-hugged by a stronger opponent is an extremely bad place to be. At this point, your punches and kicks become ineffective but eye attacks, headbutts, elbow strikes and knee strikes can get you out of a bad situation.

There are many misconceptions about these close quarter tools. In almost all self-defence instruction I've seen, elbow strikes are taught to be used at the wrong distance, knee strikes are taught to be aimed at the WRONG target, eye 'gouges' are overestimated (based on no real life experience) and headbutts are taught in a way that is downright dangerous to the USER!

The truth is that an understanding of combat ranges and weapon-selection is essential. As is knowing what works and in which way!

When used at the right time, elbows, knees, head butts and eye attacks can turn the tables on a bad situation even against a bigger opponent.

In this course we look at:

- Developing an intuitive understanding of range

- Selecting the right 'tool' for job

- Various angles of the elbow strike

- Knee strikes

- The right way to use the headbutt

- The truth about eye attacks

- The reality of 'biting'

- Understanding the importance of bio-mechanical 'range of motion'

NEXT 2019 DATES (SUBJECTS TBC) -  20th OCT / 17th NOV / 14th DEC

One-to-one private training with Sharif - £90 per hour (+ £10 per extra person per hour, for groups of up to four people)

Training is also now also available via the ONLINE SCHOOL